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i need someone dat is trustworthy, someone i can rely on in times of trouble. someone that is straight forward in whatever she do.
what should I say about my self.... IM a fun loving person who loves to learn new things each and every day. I love to draw, read, go to the movies. i love listening to music i listen to everything, if it got`s a good beat then i like it. i also like to learn about new people well im here to meet new friends, find old ones, and bull%#&@$! with the ones i got as for love...
my motto is.. whatever happens ... happens...
i joke around a lot. im known for that. im always smiling and laughing. whenever a friend of mine is feeling down i would try my best to make him or her crack a smile on their faces. im a very sweet person and kind hearted, but if u cross me i would be a smart azz. which is fun to be but i don`t hold a grudge it`s not in my nature for some reason. but if you want to be a friend that we could still chat.
im a very laid back person and down to earth. Yet im still a dreamer. one of my dreams is to leave a mark in this world. I know it would be hard, but not impossible. If no one had taken risks and sacrifices then we wouldn`t have a world that we have today.
I go to college right now and my major is engineering. Another one of my dreams is to have a Ph.D. in that field.
well, that`s all that I could think of to say about myself ... so now it`s ur turn. Send me a note OR EMAIL ME ON MY EMAIL emmygbo@yahoo.com. it all good to me. What ever it take for me to get to know you.

i want us to be straight forward in whatever we do and say. because in my young mind my definition of a good relationship is like the walls of the house; sometimes, they hold you up, sometimes you lean on them but sometimes it is enough to know that they are there to guide you spiritually, morally, intellectually. and i want us to mentain this.
 Children ? : No    I want children : Never
 My religion : Catholic
 Drinking habits : Never
 Smoking ? : Never
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 Games & video Games  History & Geography  Internet & Computer  Movies  Classic  News & Media  Travel  Tv   
 My favourite season : Spring
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